Duties and Responsibilities
The Office of Internal Audit is responsible for

a) devising and improving internal audit plans and programs based on risk analyses, and submitting them to the Senior Administrator for approval, 

b) ensuring implementation of approved audit plans and programs, performing audits, counseling, and carrying out duties assigned by the Senior Administrator outside the scope of the plan and program, which, however, are included in job description, 

c) assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management, internal control and governance processes of the institution,

d) informing the Senior Administrator of cases and situations which are detected either during internal audit activities or reported to the internal audit unit and require inspection or investigation, 

e) monitoring the outcomes of the internal audit activities, 

f) devising, implementing and improving a quality assurance and development program for evaluating all the internal audit activities, conducting them in conformity with public internal audit standards and professional code of ethics, and improving internal audit activities, 

g) submitting the assessment results obtained within the scope of quality assurance and development plan to the Senior Administrator, 

h) preparing the annual internal audit activity report and presenting it to the Senior Administrator, 

i) employing personnel for the internal audit unit in conformity with human resources policies of the institution with internal auditors who possess knowledge, abilities, experience and professional competencies to perform duties of the unit effectively and following necessary procedures to this end, 

j) preparing and improving internal auditor unit directive and operation processes in conformity with the regulations of the Board, 

k) informing the Senior Administrator of outcomes of internal audit activities periodically, and recent developments in the field of internal auditing and best international practices, 

l) checking the conformity of audition reports with procedures and principles set forth in reporting standards and saving one copy of the reports within the Internal Audit Unit, 

m) Preparing an internal audit manual in accordance with the procedures and principles and the Public Internal Audit Manual published by the Board, and submitting a copy to the Board, 

n) Conducting other operations related to internal audit activity and internal auditors.


Our mission is to assess management and control structures as well as decisions concerning financial operations and savings with a systemic, constant and disciplined approach for economic, effective and efficient use of the sources of the university, make suggestions that would detect, prevent and guide for the problems, help the university achieve its goals by adding value to university's operations.


Our vision is to become a leading unit that duly performs its duties with a sense of responsibility and honesty, that has necessary professional knowledge, skills, experience and principles, and that provides auditing and counseling services in compliance with national and international standards, the work of which serves as a model.

The Internal Audit Unit is a directorate directly affiliated to the Rector’s Office.

Director of the Internal Audit Unit is Internal Auditor Yüksel TEKİN.